Engine ID in Librenms?

I am setting up SNMP on my Cisco SG300 switch and its instructions call for setting the IP & Engine ID of the SNMP server.

Cisco SNMP Directions

I don’t see anywhere in the Librenms GUI to get the Engine ID. Where is it located?


I think this is using snmpv3 context.

I guess I don’t understand enough about the device as to why it would need an “engine id”

Im new to SNMP so I can’t help in that regard. I am able to get SNMP data in Librenms without setting this, so it seems to be working. I just need to learn how to set up more OIDs on the switch for more data/monitoring…

What kinds of things would you like to monitor?

Would like to start off with the switches temp (assuming its capable). That doesn’t automatically happen in Librenms (for this device) so I’ve started looking deeper on how to configure SNMP on it beyond the defaults.

Check the MIB file look for something that looks like the temperature.
Try to get the data with snmp and see if it looks right.

Then follow this: