Error adding VRRP address

Hi all, and thanks for your work!

I’ve two switch using vrrp to comunicate each other.

Using fake name and ip, I have
id: SWITCH1 ip:
id: SWITCH2 ip:

I’ve added without problems and but, when I add the “virtual” ip, I get this error
Already have host (SWITCH1) due to duplicate sysName.
I think that’s fair, but if I have problem with vrrp I need to check all 3 ip, because even if and .2 are reachable, it could not be true for .3 (for example, missing response to ping)

Any suggestion on this configuration?


try force adding it.

or allow duplicate sysnames.

I’ve asked a silly question…
Thanks, it works

Not a silly question. All questions are welcomed and are valued.

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