Error con las notificaciones de las alertas de puertos

Who can help me solve this?

I can’t find the way for the Up/Down port alerts to reach me correctly via Telegram…

When configuring the default rule for a Switch, I get the alert of a down port, however, if a second port goes to Down status due to some affectation, LibreNMS does not send me a second alert to notify me. only both ports down are observed in LibreNMS but it notifies me once for DeviceUP and once for DeviceDOWN

I want notifications to reach me as follows:

-If the Switch is working normally with no downed ports and there is an affectation and a port enters the DOWN state, let libreNMS notify me of said downtime only once.

-If after a few minutes or hours a second port is affected and also goes down, I need LibreNMS to notify me about this new port affectation (I don’t care if both ports are seen in this alert notification or only the new affected port) .

-If one of the ports is restored and enters the UP state, I need a notification to arrive and if after a few minutes the other port is restored, the notification will tell me.

Is it possible to do this? I have spent considerable time getting this alert system set up and have not succeeded.

I appreciate your collaboration.

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