¿Error connecting to database?

Yesterday librenms was working fine, this morning I arrived at work and it gives me an error in the bd and does not connect … I attached capture, any ideas? Thanks in advance, regards.

it says to look your log file.

and what that tels you?

i think its your database

Would it have something to do that changed the password for the librenms user? I understand that no … since the bd uses another user
I am connected via putty and I don’t know how to share the log file, can you tell me how to do it?

if u changed the librenms user

go to :

look for :

Database config

$config[‘db_host’] = ‘localhost’;
$config[‘db_port’] = ‘3306’;
$config[‘db_user’] = ‘librenms’;
$config[‘db_pass’] = ‘yourpass’;
$config[‘db_name’] = ‘librenms’;
$config[‘db_socket’] = ‘’;

Does this has the correct user/pass?

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Also check your .env file

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try change from localhost to in both config.php and .env file also, apparently this can fix such an error

Good morning, I do not know what it would be, but between I put the password again and restart and little else and it worked … I do not know … I do not see logic, it is more copy and paste the same key that I had in the config file

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At least its solved

have fun monitoring

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Thanks xDD :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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