ERROR: realpath

Hi guys, since a few days I have this error on several newly added switches and linux server:

On the Linux servers I use the same original config of Libre as on older systems that work.

Where is the problem? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for feedback.

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see RRD Folders not getting created - #26 by murrant

Thanks murrant for the quick reply, but why all of a sudden? Nothing has been changed on libre and I have already added 30 devices without problems.

There was a change in the code to remove a legacy code path. The new path assumed rrdcached was able to create directories in all situations, but apparently when you connect with a socket, it refuses to create directories.

So now the code creates a directory for every host in the local poller folder for every device, whether rrdcached is used or not. (This was how it worked before)

This is likely an upstream rrdcached bug or odd behavior.

Sorry, but the problem is only described there. How can I fix it or what do I have to do? I am only user… Thank you very much!

Now, as a user, i have replaced the PHP files Rrd and Poller. Was that right? Because now there is unfortunately a new error:

Now it runs, the error was only temporary. Patience is a virtue. Thank you!

The thread I linked also linked to the fix which was already merged. All you had to do was update.

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