Error validate.php

Hello !
I am a beginner.
So, when I run validate.php, Discovery and The poller “has never run, check the cron job”
However, my crontab are working !
Car you help me ? :slight_smile:

Your cron is wrong, you’ve installed it into the root cron but specificed a user. See our install docs on the correct method of installing the cron.

Hello !
Already done ! but not working :frowning2:’hJzhyHCW’-12-43.png "
Thank you for your help

Run /opt/librenms/ by hand, if that still doesn’t work then I suggest revisiting the install docs, as you’ve put the cron in wrong then it’s possible you’ve missed other steps.

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If running poller-wrapper by hand stopped the validation then I still don’t think things are working correctly as that still means cron didn’t run