Errored Port, Never Clears


I am seeing a few ports that show up as errored - for example, one of my managed switch ports shows errors on it’s input … they showed up / occurred when the machine connected to that port was rebooted. The status shows last changed 2 months ago, and no error increase since. Is there a way to clear / reset the error, or some sort of timeout I can set so it auto clears if no new errors after a period of time?

I can reset (in this case, for example) the switch, but the next time I reboot the machine on that port => it recurs, and never clears after that.


Sorry, coming back to this - wouldn’t it make sense for a port to be errored only if “new” errors are seen? I have several devices that show errors, when they or another device is rebooted. After that, no new errors, even for weeks, but the port still shows as errored.

Perhaps a “slow filter”, to clear the error if it’s not increasing?


Hi, im seeing the same error, but in my case the problem is that the port still marked as errored when i put it in admin shut down.


Thinking more about this, but … wouldn’t it make sense to clear errored ports if there are no “new” errors in a defined period of time? Just like when a machine reboots or is down, after a period of time - if it’s clean (and no new errors), then remove it from the errored list?


Yes it would have more sense, if for example, a interface that doesent count errors from X time period(like it does now), or if the interface is admin down, or down for certain period of time, removed it from the errored ports list.
Other option would be, a button to clear manualy.

Agreed! Even manual would be fine, no issues here.

Hi @murrant ! Please can you tel us if this topic should be on Feature Request?
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Sure, the best way to do this is to reset the counter on the device.

Clearin the errors on the device doesent solve the problem, because librenms still showing the cumulative errors.

@Markov the value displayed is the value of the counter from the device. LibreNMS doesn’t do anything fancy, simply fetches the value via SNMP and stores it.

Thanks for the clarification Murrant, but what happens, for example, with ports that are down or admin down.
Example, I clear the counter of this ports, but I still see them on the error port list. The first port is admin down, and the second is down.


That might not be the same thing.

snmpwalk IF-MIB::ifInErrors and IF-MIB::ifOutErrors

Thank you very much Munrrant! I found that it is not possible to reset the snmp counter on the device, as they are diferent from the cli output errors. So i cleared the errors for the admin down ports directly from the database, to eliminate them from the error port list.
“There are no methods to reset an SNMP counter to zero without the need to reload the device.”