Escaping or not in templates


Small question concerning templates and escaping HTML tags in it. I would love to display the alert notes in my HTML emails. So far, I can preg_replace but I get < and > instead of < and >. Is there a way to disable inside {{ and }} ?

@if ($alert->alert_notes)
<span><b>Alert Notes:</b><br> {{ preg_replace('/\n/', '<br>\n', $alert->alert_notes) }}<br><br></span>

It seems that escaping can be disabled all at once with {!! xxxx !!} instead of {{ xxxxx }}. Still searching for a way to unescape only the <br> tag I am adding.

Any of those help?

Thx @Chas,

Good for reference, but it seems that there is no way to avoid escaping of only the tag I add. So only option is {!! !!} so far. Makes the job but not in the cleanest way.