Evaluating librenms as Observium replacement

Hi all,

I am currently evaluating the use ob librenms as an observium replacement.

The first steps were quite difficult because I was not able to get through the database installation process because of a bug, that prevents custom port numbers to be considered in concurrent steps. I fixed that myself locally and now am able to use librenms.

What I really like about this tool is the way it integrates with the snmpd daemon by using “extend”. It is way cleaner to do it that way as dealing with agents (like observium still does). I was able to create my own application (keydb) that way and also add some graphs to be shown.

Also the usability on the dashboard side is way better (especially adding graphs), but here I am facing some problems with functionalities that are not available (compared to observium). The most important for me is the syslog widget, which shows all entries and seems to not be prepared to filter data. I need a way to show only errors in the list, and not every single entry. Is there a way to do this? Also the fact, that the syslog entries in observium are colorized based on their priority/level makes it much more convenient. I tried to figure out the way the widgets are build, but till now I failed.

Two other things that I need are: push notifications and redis authentication, but as far as I have read these are available, right?

I will continue building up my environment based on librenms and will surely come back to you guys if I face any problems. Keep up the good work!


We’ve just switched. The importer was a bit ropey so we ended up just clearing our data.

Although some “applications” are just not working or have code that no longer works and it seems that as an opensource product, any support is thin on the ground so for things that break, you might be waiting a long time for a “fix”, if you cannot do so yourself.

Observium had issues as well but largely could get some support for that. Although I guess it depends on what side of the line you fall vs features needed / support offered.