Event log entry each time wireless signal is updated. How to mute?

Hi there,
I’m monitoring a routeros wireless access point, and about every 6 hours, LibreNMS logs a dozen events about the signal being updated of various interfaces. These messages account for 95+% of the events for the device, crowding out other more useful messages.

I’ve tried ignoring the interfaces in the ports section of the device, setting the signal range to a High of 100, and Low of -200, disabling alerts for all of the respective interfaces, but nothing seems to stop LibreNMS from logging these messages. I expect their signals to change over time, that’s why I’m using LibreNMS in the first place. I just don’t want to be notified that the signal changed.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

Sensor Updated: signal routeros 16 wlan1b Signal
Sensor Updated: signal routeros 15 wlan2b Signal
Sensor Updated: signal routeros 16 wlan1b Signal
Sensor Updated: signal routeros 15 wlan2b Signal

AFAICT, the numbers (16 and 15) aren’t the signal strength, but possibly a LibreNMS id of some sort. The actual signals are in the -60 to -70 range. I think that’s it’s simply telling me that the values were updated, which isn’t particularly useful.

Thanks in advance.

Your are talking about two different things there is alerting which uses alert rules and then there is Event Log which shows what the device is sending back to LibreNMS.

Kevin, I realize they’re two separate things, but it had been my hope that maybe I’d happen across something that’d exert some control over the behavior.

I’m not getting any value by seeing a message logged for each signal change no more than I would if messages were logged for temperature changes. I expect the to change over time, and would want to use rules to alert me if they went outside of a particular range. I’m just hopeful that there is a way to control whether or not this type of message is logged.

That event doesn’t trigger when the value is being updated, only other things.

This likely means there is a small bug in the code that is updating the sensor every time.