Eventlog showing fields changing to NULL


I run LibreNMS on a production environment with 37 routers and switches. So far it has been working very well and we have integrated it with oxidized, graylog and rocketchat. However every once in a while I notice that the eventlog shows some MySQL fields changed to NULL values. This is followed by a message saying that “polling took longer than 5 minutes for device”.

I understand from this, that the smnp polling is reaching a timeout value and the database is updated with NULL values because the poller did not return anything usefull.

My question is, is there a way to check the time it takes for a given device to complete its snmp cycle, so that I may configure a more apropriate value for this timeout.

Thank you in advance and keep up the great work!


You can check individual performance in Device -> Graphs -> Poller

Thanks for the tip,

The strange thing is the graphs never show a max polling value over 200 seconds for any device. However the eventlog had the message above.

I ran the ./poller.php for one of them and for 31 poller modules the runtime is always under one second, usually under 0.3 seconds. So I guess I’m missing something.

Any ideas are welcome

thanks in advance