Eventlog type:ipv4 Message:IPv4 network " " created

In the last few days I’ve noticed my eventlog showing a lot of similar events on a lot of switches across my network. It does seem isolated to the Aruba switches and not Cisco.

The messages states:
IPv4 network created, IPv4 address created
then followed by:
IPv4 network deleted, IPv4 address deleted

It doesn’t seem to be affecting performance and no other logging (graylog or the switch itself is detecting these changes. It is just filling up my eventlog in the WebUI for Libre. Any suggestions on how to figure out what’s triggering these new events. Validation is all good LibreNMS 24.2.0

hi @WVSD_Tech

could you please test

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Patch has been applied and watching my eventlog now. Thank you!

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Like clockwork, the IPV4 events returned 6 hours after the last batch of events. It’s werid though because this LibreNMS box has been running for 2 years and this is new as of this week. I have been messing around with Graylog this week but these events are not in the Graylog section and I don’t see the events when access the Graylog server. I can’t think of any other recent changes

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