Exclude device group from an alert

I’m trying out LibreNMS to replace our current monitoring solution. So far it looks pretty good but now I’m stuck on something that I feel should be pretty simple but I just can’t figure out how to accomplish:
How do I exclude one or more device groups from a specific alert?

I’ve created a device group for my “important devices”, configured an “Important Devices Up/Down” alert and mapped the device group to this alert along with a transport. This all works fine.
However, I still have the default “Devices Up/Down” active since I have a bunch of other devices that it’s enough to see alerts in the gui for. So when an “important device” goes down, I see both an “Important Devices Up/Down” alert and a “Devices Up/Down” alert in the GUI. I just want one. So how do I prevent the default “Devices Up/Down” alert from triggering for my “important devices”?

It’s apparently not like this since this gives me “Failed to process rule”:

I’ve tried different combinations but device_groups.id seems to be unusable in any way shape or form.

You could make a device group that includes the devices you want and set it in the “Map To” underneath.

If you want to try going down this route, go to the device , click the gear and capture, go to the alerts tab and post the generated sql here so we can check it.

I have hundreds of devices of different types, brands etc that are not in the “Important Devices” group. I’d rather not have to maintain a group for these devices and have to figure out expressions to include all these in that group. Unless I can create a group that automatically contain all devices except those in “Important Devices”? But I can’t find a way of doing that either.

I’m no SQL-ninja but i seems that adding "'device_groups.id' 'not equal' '1' " in the gui really complicates the SQL. It goes from this (which I actually understand and works fine):

`SELECT * FROM devices WHERE (devices.device_id = ?) AND (devices.status = 0 && (devices.disabled = 0 && devices.ignore = 0)) = 1 AND devices.status_reason = "icmp"`

to this (Which is above me and gives “Failed to process rule”):

`SELECT * FROM devices,device_group_device,device_groups WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = device_group_device.device_id AND device_group_device.Array = device_groups.device_group_device) AND (devices.status = 0 && (devices.disabled = 0 && devices.ignore = 0)) = 1 AND devices.status_reason = "icmp" AND device_groups.id != 1`