Exclude storages or other system parts from librenms

I think it would be nice to exclude some devices/storage or any other things like interfaces etc.pp. from librenms.

For example I have the problem, that librenms read every singe proftp share as it’s own drive, but in reality they are just folders on a drive (/tmp/mnt/sdb1).

On another device I have a drive that is 100% full and is read only, so there is no need for me to show it in librenms.

Hi @lug-ln

Check https://docs.librenms.org/#Support/Configuration/#storage-configuration

You can also do it by OS using:

$config['os']['osname']['configuration_option'][] =...

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Thanks! Didn’t know about that.

I added this to my config.php

$config['ignore_mount_string'][] = "proftpd"; (works)

I can’t use the option with os, because in the database of librenms it’s only shown as linux, so as any other linux based systems. I can’t disable ‘/’ for all of them…

So I tried $config['hostname']['host.example.org']['ignore_mount_regexp'][] = "/on: \/";
and $config['hostname']['host.example.org']['ignore_mount_regexp'][] = "/"; but it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Nope, $config cant be device specific. You can disable and ignore in gui, but they will still showing.

Can it be only os specific, or some other things?

Afaik no, only “what libre understand as OS” specific. In your case, Linux and it will be for all Linux servers.