Exlude certain Cisco interfaces from polling/discovery


HI, I just installed LibreNMS and while looking through the documentation I saw something with excluding interfaces based on their description or type, but I have not had any success with this in my config file.

I am trying to exclude the following interfaces.

$config[‘device_traffic_iftype’][] = ‘/internal-data1/2/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_iftype’][] = ‘/asa_mgmt_plane/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_iftype’][] = ‘/cplane/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_iftype’][] = ‘/mgmt_plane_int_tap/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_iftype’][] = ‘/management1/1/’;

$config[‘device_traffic_descr’][] = ‘/internal-data1/2/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_descr’][] = ‘/asa_mgmt_plane/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_descr’][] = ‘/cplane/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_descr’][] = ‘/mgmt_plane_int_tap/’;
$config[‘device_traffic_descr’][] = ‘/management1/1/’;

Anyone that uses this function and can help me move forward.


You cannot exclude specific ports from being polled. You can however have it discard their data and hide their interfaces.

See: http://docs.librenms.org/Support/Configuration/#interfaces-to-be-ignored

Also, you forgot to escape your / in your regexes. (Even though those won’t do what you want)


Okay, Thank you for your reply.


Thanks a lots. I didn’t know adding option to config.php will replacing default option.