Expansion device sensors not showing up

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t feel very adapt at LibreNMS yet.

We have been using the Packetflux SiteMonitor II on our network and it works well with LibreNMS. The sensors get pulled in and graph as expected. Recently we decided to try out their expansion device for more voltage inputs. If I run the SNMP Capture Debug Info tool I see the OID’s come in but looking in the database there are no new sensors created for that device.

What am I missing that I need to either get or create so that LibreNMS can graph the new sensors?

You would have to code the sensors look at the docs.librenms.org

Thanks, I was just looking through the docs and getting a better understanding of what goes where. I think I can have this working in a bit here.

I have one question, if I add some OID’s to an existing sensor discovery file, what happens if the next device I discover doesn’t have all the OID’s? Is that ok or does that break things? I will be studying the docs myself to find the answer.

I finally got around to adding support for the 6 input volt meter expansion device from Packetflux. I also found and fixed a couple of bugs in the SiteMonitor Base 2 and added support to carry the device descriptions through to LibreNMS instead of being hard coded like they were before.

I suspect I should push the code up to public, not so much for other people but so future updates don’t wipe out my changes in my local instance. I get the feeling there are only a few of us using this hardware and LibreNMS so probably nobody would make use of the new features anyway. I’ve never pushed code to a project like this so of course it seems like a huge ordeal to figure out, but probably it’s easy if I’d just set to and do it.

Edit: This is the device I added support for. http://store.packetflux.com/sitemonitor-6-voltmeter-input/

You suspect right :slight_smile:

Your advantage is to ensure that your code will be maintained. And others would of course benefit it as well. That’s what makes LibreNMS interesting : so many devices are supported out of the box.

Have a look at GitHub PullRequests. Not so hard, for simple changes.

We can of course help you for that step.

Ok, I gave up a night of sleep to get this done, I’ll try to find time to get it published.

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