Export and import custom oids and alerts

Hi guys! I’m new to librenms so I have a question about whether it’s possible to import/export settings from one librenms to another.

I have a rapsberry pi with snmpd with several extend oids created.

ex: extend value1 “/bin/python” “/home/script.py”

I have the raspberry pi in librenms and I created several custom oids to add the oid extends as in the example above. I also created several alerts about these custom oids. Everything works fine!

My question: Is there a way to export these customs oids and their alerts from this librenms and import them into another librenms system?

Alert rules are in the alert_rules table, you can just mysqldump that and import it elsewhere.

Custom OIDs are in customoids, if you dump and re-import that table you’ll need to update the device_id column with the correct device ids for your other install.

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Thanks, i ll try this!

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