Export graph in PNG

I have a vpdn graph on a cisco how can I link that to export via the API as PNG to display on a external webpage
I have created the API key
how do I export the graph I am sure I am missing very simple

when I run the api to get graphs
“desc”: “VPDN L2TP Sessions”,
“name”: “device_vpdn_sessions_l2tp”
“desc”: “VPDN L2TP Tunnels”,
“name”: “device_vpdn_tunnels_l2tp”

how can i output the sessions graph only?

[[email protected] ~]# curl -H 'X-Auth-Token: ’
“status”: “error”,
“message”: “This API route doesn’t exist.”

There is a different endpoint to get graph images.

Thank you I got now
/graphs lists the graphs to pull the graph

curl -H “X-Auth-Token: $token”$dayago&to=$now&width=$width&height=$height

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