Extend in Windows SNMP


I’d like to add an extension to Windows (10) SNMP - like Nvidia GPU for example (https://docs.librenms.org/#Extensions/Applications/#nvidia-gpu).

I have been able to get nvidia-smi working just fine, so I can get the nvidia script to run … but how to extend Windows SNMP? Has anyone been able to do this?


I don’t think that’s possible with windows SNMP. Due to the way windows uses SNMP.
But idk I could be wrong

net-snmp is available for windows but only against older ssl libs so it might not work for you.

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Sorry for the long hiatus … ;-). Finally got the temperature monitoring all working, back to this now. I do find net-snmp (very old version!) … but to understand. To use this, I have to remove (or at least disable) the Windows 10 native SNMP service - right? And then just go with what net-snmp provides? In other words … .no way to “combine” them?