Extend user rights to more pages (Custom Menu, Maps, Plugins...) in SQL ? or

How would you proceed to change the rights (like unlock, extend,…) on certain pages that are used by our users, I’m thinking of certain Plugins, Custom Maps or Custom Menu ?

Maybe you know how to manage page rights directly in the Librenms SQL database? …While waiting for a release on this subject ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

If you have activated the Custom menu as in the doc Customizing the Web UI.
You can make it accessible to all your users by removing


directly in the code of the custom.blade.php file.
And execute the script daily to update :


You can bypass error “403 | This action is unauthorized” by commenting “denied” in the file function

 public function authorize()
        if ($this->denied()) {
           // throw (new AuthorizationException($this->message(), $this->code()))
           //     ->setResponse($this)
           //     ->withStatus($this->status);

        return $this;

If it helps you :slight_smile: