Extending / Modifying an existing os - How To/Best Practice?

I’d like to either modify, or extend an existing os (both the .yaml and .inc.php file).

We have a FiberSwitch chassis that supports modular cards for dwdm – mux/demux, pumps, oeos, etc and we want to graph everything we can for them. We have the MIBs.

This devices default (or first) sysObjectID is . which is the sysObjectID of the includes/definitions/fs-nmu.yaml and that works for basic health like fan state, power1 and 2 states.

For the OEO cards the sysObjectID is . and there are a lot of optic values we would like to graph (x16).

I modified fs-nmu.yaml and the corresponding fs-nmu.inc.php temporarily and that gives me a warning of Warning: Your local git contains modified files, this could prevent automatic updates. in Libre.

What is the best practice to extend / modify these two files? Make changes, keep them, and reapply after an update, and ultimately it would be great to contribute to the community so submit a pull request?

Second part to the above, because the FiberSwitch device has many cards, is there a worry that the fs-nmu.inc.php becomes bloated with OIDs of all the different snmp-able values for all the different cards ^n for each optic etc. Is there a better way I am not aware of to accomplish this?

Thank you

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