Extra Device Types



We have just started using LibreNMS to monitor our enviroment. We have a lot of PLCs, which don’t fit any current device type group.

Would be nice to have an extra device type “PLC”



What’s a PLC?


PLC = Programmable logic controller

Rather then attempt to explain i’ll link the Wikipedia article



Why not make a device group for that?


Could do, but still LibreNMS requires each device to have a Device Group and non of the current options are suitable.

An “Other” group would also be an option as i’m sure there are plenty of other devices which don’t fit into any of the current types.


I would also like to see ability to add custom device types. We have our own business procedures (as any company does) and we would like to use device types in LibreNMS that we use in all other company procedures.

Before there was a way to edit config.php and add custom device types.

Why has this feature gone away?


It hasn’t code additions are needed.


Actually, it works. I was probably doing something wrong. I added few custom device types to config.php and now they are available.



I have created custom device types in the /opt/librenms/includes/definitions.inc.php file.

How are these types assigned to devices on discovery?

I.e. could I configure a “switch” device and configure librenms to assign switch device type only to switches instead of the default “network” type?

Thanks in advance.