Extract SNMP info from existing devices

Is there a way to ssh into librenms and extract a list of devices showing the following:

device name, device IP, snmp string and snmp version

Over the years, I’ve added devices one by one and I’d like to properly build out an excel file with these devices and the snmp information. If I had to re-build librenms, it would be much easier to have all this information in one location. I do have a list started, but it is a few years old.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I am fully up to date with librenms.

you can you the lnms cli client to extract that

librenms:~$ lnms  report:devices -f hostname,ip,community,snmpver
| hostname    | ip            | community  | snmpver |
| router1     |    | public     | v2c     |
| switch1     |    | public     | v2c     |

Thank you, this worked. Very helpful.

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