F5 LTM bandwidth controller


i add the new heature requests LTM bandwidth controller for F5, in order to get bandwidth controlle data and display it on the graphes.

can you please validate the commit Feature: F5 LTM bandwidth controller by yac01 · Pull Request #11728 · librenms/librenms · GitHub

Thank you

Hi @yac_w
Your PR looks good. It only lacks test-data right now, so we can review it and merge it.
Thanx for your contribution.

Hi @PipoCanaja

can you please tell me how to ignore this CODE CLIMATE step please ?

[ 15:26 ]

[ 15:27 ]

it’s just because of the signature

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Thank you

Hi @yac_w
This CodeClimate is only for reference, but is not blocking merge. In cases like yours, you can consider it is all green.