False Port Utilization Alerts

I’m having an issue with the below Port Utilization Alert. This started as an alert for 80% utilization but I found the alert constantly being triggered even though the ports reporting the Alert were nowhere near 80% utilization. I increased the threshold to 90% and the alerts still trigger. None of these ports have been close to 90% utilization and it’s typically the same devices alerting. Sometimes the devices alert that the .irb interface itself is over 90%. We use Juniper Devices. This has been happening since the moment we turned on this alert.

whats the speed you have LibreNMS configured against that interface thats alarming? I’ve overridden my rule in the Advanced Section with the below which is working for me. I have it set to 90% and then adjust the interface Speeds in LibreNMS to match the WAN bandwidth limits so it’s within the correct limit.

SELECT * FROM devices,ports WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = ports.device_id) AND (ports.ifOperStatus = “up” && ports.ifAdminStatus = “up” && (ports.deleted = 0 && ports.ignore = 0 && ports.disabled = 0)) = 1 AND (((SELECT IF(ports.ifOutOctets_rate>ports.ifInOctets_rate, ports.ifOutOctets_rate, ports.ifInOctets_rate)*8) / ports.ifSpeed)*100) >= 90