Fatpipe not monitoring properly in Librenms

Hi Team,

From few days i am facing a strange issue in Librenms that is one of the port in fatpipe is down but when i checked the WebUI it is still showing as up.
Could you please help me on this. Thanks in advance.

Output of validate.php

Can you please help me on this

Can someone please help me on this. Even though the port is down it isn’t sending any email alerts

Post the alert rule you are using. Also dose the device show ports? Pastebin a link of
./poller.php -d -h HOSTNAME

What interface is showing as UP even if is down?

Also, if LibreNMS thinks it is UP, you wont get alert as for LibreNMS is up.

Yes @TheGreatDoc. The interface/port is showing as up even though it was down and the speed will be shown in bps.

Is there any config changes which has to be made on librenms so that it will show up accurately.

But, in the pastebin you put: What interface is coming as UP but shows as DOWN in LibreNMS?

Oops sorry my bad… Could you please let me know how to proceed further on this.

Just say what interface is reporting librenms as down so we can check in the poller log what is reporting there

Sorry let me make it clear.

Sometimes the port (isp) will be down. Even then in librenms it shows that the port is up which in turn fails to report an alert.

In the pastebin i had pasted the alert which was down but still was shown as up in librenms.