FCS errors

It would be very helpful to have FCS errors reported. We use Mikrotik hardware and often on an ethernet interface this can tells us we have a marginal link or that a cat5 surge protector is going out.


Hows that reported SNMP or syslog msg?

Its reported via snmp.
Edit… would be nice to have an alarm on that to.

Looks like RX FCS is . This is the one I see most often.
TX FCS is .

I would like to add one more to this, Netgear FCS errors on their switches. Model I’m looking at right now is GS716Tv3.



Still would like to see Mikrotik FCS errors reported.

I thinnk they won’t mind, if you create PR for this :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought I was requesting it here. How do I create a PR?

you can contribute code here. https://github.com/librenms/librenms/pulls