FDB / ARP table with history


We would be interested to have some kind of history in the FDB and ARP database, because those are collected (and for good performance reasons) only during discoveries. That means that if a device was off in the last discovery, there is no way to see it.

First, do you think it makes sense ?

I am ready to do some dev but I am not at all comfortable with the DB schema and would like to avoid breaking too many things :wink:
At least a “first seen” and “last seen” timestamp field to add in the tables, and some cleaning to add in “daily.php” after a configurable delay.

If somebody from the dev team could put me on tracks …

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I don’t use those features really but what you’re describing makes perfect sense. That could be a good approach.

First seen could be hit and miss but give it a shot.

Hi there,

I just started to play with code for FDP table (at first). The steps I see :

  • Add date_discovered and date_last_seen in the DB
  • Update includes/discovery/fdb-table.inc.php to feed these 2 tables
  • Adapt the GUI
  • Delete the older data so the DB does not explode.

In that last step, wondering if I should use the existing delete code in includes/discovery/fdb-table.inc.php or just get rid of it and instead add something in the ./daily.sh cleaning workflow ?

PR will come in a couple of days.


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PR https://github.com/librenms/librenms/pull/9804