FDB-table disappear

There are already FDB records, but they don’t exist after a period of time. I guess they should be overwritten by new empty records.

I hope that FDB records will not be lost or overwritten by empty records

Correct, there is no historical storage of FDB data.

Is there a curing method? The FDB will be modified only when the scanning is changed

The FDB table in a switch is dynamic data showing which MAC addresses will be forwarded to which ports based on recently learning where in the network that MAC address is located in relation to each switch.

It doesn’t make sense to keep historical data for this in LibreNMS - when the switch discards an entry in the FDB table so should LibreNMS. (And I believe it does)

For example if a wireless client roams from one Access point to another its MAC address will move to a different port on potentially a different switch - in the case that it roams to a different switch that old FDB data from the first switch is now out of date and misleading so should be cleared.

However, one problem is that a wired terminal has failed. I urgently hope its original access location. However, because the switch has no FDB record and the platform has no FDB, it can not troubleshoot the problem efficiently. Therefore, it is hoped that the FDB can be solidified rather than lost with the loss of the switch.

Wouldn’t you monitor the port status for that?