Feature Request - a rrd search tool to identify targets for use in the Weathermap plugin

Feature Request - a rrd search tool to identify targets for use in the Weathermap plugin.
( 1’st I am very new to LibreNMS and the Weathermap plugin )

The Weathermap plugin has the ability to add a Node ( device ) to a network drawing.
The Weathermap editor ( part of the plugin ) , work for locating a LibreNMS device and selecting a interface on that device. You can create links between nodes that change color and show how much traffic is going through that interface ( both directions of a interface link between two nodes.
What I want to do is have Weathermap change color based on the interface up/down status ( not bandwidth ). The Weathermap editor does not show information for interface up/down status , but if you know the LibreNMS rdd file / field , then it looks like you can manually put that information into a Weaterhmap.conf file for a node.
Quick example of what I could then do with such a LibreNMS rdd locate tool: Draw a Weathermap network map of something like a 24-port cisco switch and then add 24 nodes that represent ports 1 through port 24. Then with the Weathermap target , have it show red for link down and green for link up ( and also show bandwidth on the link between any two devices ).
Sooo , a search tool would be useful to find the correct rdd file and fields somebody might want to use is another similar Weatherman network drawings.


Edit: Or instead of a tool , have LibreNMS show the rrd file and field of each item it is collecting information ( via SNMP ) on. ((( I believe Cacti shows this information , so this is not needed for Weathermap running under Cacti. )))