Feature request: Add Alert Rule Email Recipient Mapping - COMPLETE

I would like to submit a PR to map specific email recipients to specific alert rules. Right now I am planning to:

  • Add a sql table to track rule_id->email address line relationship
  • Add a UI to allow maintenance of the above table.
  • In alerts.inc.php:
    • Pass the rule id to GetContacts() as a 2nd, optional variable
    • Within GetContacts(), if 2nd variable exists, pull matching email addresses from the table and push into the $contacts array.
    • Alternatively, evaluate for email addresses outside of GetContacts and pass an email address array as the 2nd variable, and use it to initialize the $contacts array.

Asking for a green light to begin work on this and also feedback on design.



We are also very interesting on this feature ! :slight_smile:

Interested in this feature also. I don’t know if any work was done…

We are also very interested in this feature. Thanks.

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This would be particularly helpful to us. We have three different tiers of reporting distribution groups depending on the incident .

  • Priority 3 notification (Alert-p3"at"company"dot"com) is just an e-mail to the IT group for things like non-production device rebooted
  • Priority 2 notification (Alert-p2"at"company"dot"com) is warning level e-mail to the IT group for things like disk is approaching 90% full
  • Priority 1 notification (Alert-p1"at"company"dot"com) is Critical incident warning (production affected) and e-mail is sent as well as notification to mobile devices.

Being able to choose the distribution based on the severity of the incident is integral for us to keeping alert fatigue in control. Looking forward to this change!


Would be very useful for sure!!

Someone has done a PR for this, go test it: https://github.com/librenms/librenms/pull/8660

PR is now merged