Feature request: Add GateOne Terminal Emulator Integration

It would be a really cool function to add a js keyboard shortcut (quake style) to bring up a GateOne terminal emulator over Libre. Then use the html5 terminal emulator to log into devices. You could pass the hostname to GateOne to go ahead and ssh to a node if you are on a node-specific page within Libre.

You could put in a global setting to enable it so those who don’t want to use it can still use their client’s event handlers like normal.

Gateone: GitHub - liftoff/GateOne: Gate One is an HTML5-powered terminal emulator and SSH client

GateOne integration docs: Embedding Gate One Into Other Applications — Gate One 1.2.0 documentation

Interestingly I did this back in August. (Enhancement: Ability to change SSH link on Device page)

It works fine on my install, but I had to directly edit the html and php files.

The only thing I need to do to submit this as a PR is to add a way to globally turn it on or off, I was thinking in config.php

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