Feature request: Add Guacamole Support (Browser based SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP)

It would be nice to have SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP support, in the browser, straight from LibreNMS. There’s an existing project called Guacamole that does exactly this - https://guacamole.incubator.apache.org

As I see it theres a few options-

Allow the user to add their own URL to open the Guacamole instance in another tab / window.
i) Use the Guacamole libaries to fully embed the session inside LibreNMS
ii) Adjust autodiscovery to port scan relevant ports and add to Guacamole if they’re open.
I will do some research into this myself but for now heres the issue.



This definitely would be pretty cool!

Willing to test!