Feature Request: Allow bulk selection and acknowledgement of alert notifications

A new alert has just triggered >30 notifications. There is currently no way to select all 30 and acknowledge them. Please could you add this functionality?


Yes please that would be very usefull

Would also like this one. For a NOC which manages several hundred devices and some long distance wifi links, network outages are regular, or a BGP problem could cause hundreds of traps that all need to be cleared up by the support team.

Looking at the API documentation, the alerts are acknowledgeable individually but there’s no endpoint to ack/mute a list or array of alerts, or list/ack/mute active alerts for a single host, or for any other common factor.

As far as I can understand, a front-end checkbox column along with a bulk actions dropdown to select the action, then a submit button is probably the easy bit. The next part would be to either send a PUT request to all of the selected alert ID endpoints sequentially, which could take a long time, or modify the API to accept a list or array of IDs, the action to perform and the necessary parameters required for that action.