Feature request: Billing Extension - PDU Billing

Hey Team,

We currently do PDU Billing per rack (two PDU’s a rack, one dirty feed one UPS protected)
We currently do this with a perl script that polls and logs amps,wattage from the OID’s (SNMP) on our APC PDU’s.

All we do is combine the two avg(wattage) outputs from mysql between the start and end date (first and last of month) and then run the following.

combinedd-avgwatts * 24 * days / 1000 = Watt hours used over the month.

All we do is set what the ‘paid for usage’ is, and the rest is an overrage.

I feel this is a naturate extention to the billing system, and as this data looks like it’s arleady logged by polling a APC PDU with LibreNMS should be able to be extended (with relative ease, i think?)

Just as you can add mutiple ports to a bill, you could easily add multiple PDU’s to the one ‘power’ bill.



Hi all,

Sorry to bump this old thread but is there any update on this ?

Given the energy situation, we are very interesting in providing billing for our PDUs. Actually all is free for our partners but I’m afraid we have to make them pay. Or at least to report to them on their consumption to tell them what they should have paid.