Feature Request: Do not delete down OSPF neighbors

When an OSPF neighbor goes down that was previously learned about, instead of removing it from the ospf_nbrs table, mark it as down in the table.

This will allow alerting based on this condition polls. Otherwise, other, more creative/labor intensive alerting must be created in order to report on a neighbor going down.



Adding my interest for this feature also*

Interested in this feature also

Same here helpful request

Feature request is interesting, but how can you identify when an OSPF peer is really meant to be removed ? OSPF is not like BGP, with a “declare” statement for each neighbours. So you don’t know if a neighbour is broken, or if it was legitimately removed. This is not about LibreNMS here, but about OSPF itself.

In my mind, if a neighbor is down, then it is investigated. Our network is around 300 devices with a decent amount of OSPF peering. I know if a neighbor is broken, or if it needs to be removed after investigation. If it needs to be removed, I log into the DB and delete the neighbor in the table.

I understand link monitoring, and how I can alert on a link being up/down, but what if someone made a configuration change on a box with redundant OSPF links which broke OSPF (MTU or authentication mismatch)? If I am not alerted that OSPF is down, how do I know that my box is not operating in a redundant state? Instead of deleting them from the table, they should be changed to a down status so they can be investigated and the appropriate action taken.

I am not going to manually create OSPF neighbor alerts for every new neighbor IP inserted into my environment, as that is just not scalable. It is much easier to make part of the process of decomissioning a retired device/neighbor IP, removing the neighbor from the DB table.

Not that it matters how Solarwinds handles this, but the way I am suggesting is exactly how Solarwinds monitors OSPF neighbors.

OK, so your proposition is to have no OSPF peer remove automatically. All peers would have to be manually removed. So the feature-request would be :

  • Avoid automatically deleting an OSPF peer
  • Provide a way via web GUI, in order for an admin to delete a peer

That makes sense.

Yes. I personally don’t need a feature in the GUI to remove it from the neighbor table, as I have access to the MySQL instance and can manually remove it from the table.

For organizations where there is not access to the MySQL DB, then I am sure it would hold a lot of value.

Yes, if we go for something, it has to be usable with GUI as it is the main management point of LibreNMS.

Thanks for your help on this!

hello did you managed to relaeaze your idea of not deleting ospf neghbor i liked it a lot can you help me to releaze it please