Feature Request: ROLE EXTERNAL

Dear community,

Disclaimer: I am not aware if this feature request has already been posted in the past. My search foo has not helped me digging anything forth from the archives.


  • ROLE EXTERNAL: New Auth level in addition to the existing 1/ normal, 2/ global read, 3/ admin. Require a user with this role be authorized to access anything. Including shared dashboards.

My proposal for this request stems from the use case of giving access to outsiders (i.e. external to ones organization/company) from time to time.

My current use case is I have a troubleshooting dialog ongoing with another organization, where the issue is external to our own infrastructure (i.e. the other organization).

I would want to grant access to one single shared dashboard in LibreNMS to employees from the other organization. But granting normal access, also grants access to all shared dashboards, which I am not interested in granting outsiders access to. Unless I can restrict the access for an EXTERNAL account to specific shared dashboards. Similar to how I can restrict access to Device Access, Interface Access, Device access via Device Group (beta), Bill Access today.