Feature Request - Running Paralel service checks with Nagios Plugin

Hi Guys,

Can you please provide a script which will be able to run parallel threads for the service checks in the Nagios plugin?

It already is: https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Services/#setup

Hi Laf,

I tried to run this in all possible modes, it doesn’t trigger parallel threads , i checked it with our software engineers, the python script is poorly written it continue to run in serial thread.

Even-though I tried to submit 100 threads in parallel it still running one thread in a time

python2 /data/librenms/services-wrapper.py 100
INFO: worker Thread-1 finished device 58 in 232 seconds
INFO: services-wrapper checked 1 devices in 232 seconds with 100 workers

I can be wrong but threads are device based.

If you have 100 devices with services checks and run services-wrapper with 100 threads, it will check the 100 devices at same time (with serialized services checks by device)

Oh I see what you are saying, if I would have 100 probes per the same device it would work in parallel thread
In my case I’m probing 100 different devices , in that case it doesn’t run parallel threads

Can anyone change the script to be able to run parallel threads probes for different devices ?