Feature Request: Support RouterOS queues

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It would be great to add support for basic traffic monitoring for ‘simple queues’ (and perhaps to be followed by regular tree queues) in RouterOS devices. More information about queues in RouterOS can be found here: https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Queue

A ‘simple queue’ consists of the following OIDs:

name=. bytes-in=. bytes-out=. packets-in=. packets-out=. queues-in=. queues-out=.

Perhaps the queue traffic graphs could be placed under the ‘Graphs’ tab (/device/device=1/tab=graphs/) ie alongside Netstats | System | Poller. Or, perhaps there should be a new top-level page, eg: /device/device=1/tab=queues/. I leave that to your best judgement!

Additional information:

Discovery.php: p.libren.ms/view/raw/d4c41f0f
Poller.php: p.libren.ms/view/raw/8678de3b
SNMPwalk: p.libren.ms/view/raw/f728cd33

NB: I will happily provide SNMP access to a Mikrotik RouterOS device to assist with any development :slight_smile:


Having this feature will be great. I started to monitor my network with LibreNMS and I need to have metrics of the queues in my routers.