Feedback request - OS Patch status


I have an idea that I could use feedback/suggestions on (perhaps someone is already doing something similar).

For Linux systems - I’d like to track the last time an Update has been done. Ideally I would be able to show this field as a column in the ‘Devices’ list in LibreNMS.

Important background: my Use Case is specifically RHEL systems. I use an ansible script to set and schedule DNF Automatic. I see that DNF Automatic has a feature to run a command/script upon completion, I’d like to use that feature to enable tracking of the date the dnf automatic update last ran.

I’m not looking to track OS/Kernel/App versions… just track when (Date Time) the DNF automatic has run (and perhaps whether or not a reboot is needed for the patch - something DNF Automatic can provide).

Does anyone know of a similar solution already available? (I’ve searched forums but came up empty).

Would leveraging snmpset be a good solution here? (I’ve never created/written to MIB OID’s before, and currently we do readonly SNMP so I’d have to make permission adjustments).

Would I need to do some coding to get the column on the LibreNMS Devices page? (or is there another field somewhere I could tap into? I tried the SysDescr but didn’t find that too helpful)

I welcome any comments/suggestions.

Best Regards,