Fewer API graphs available for Windows host vs Linux

Running the below on my Windows 10 only gives me the following graphs

curl -H 'X-Auth-Token: YOURAPITOKENHERE' https://librenms.org/api/v0/devices/windowshost/graphs

  • Poller Time
  • Ping Response
  • Running Processes
  • Users Logged In
  • ICMP statistics
  • ICMP Information Statistics
  • IP Statistics
  • IP Fragmentation Statistics
  • SNMP Statistics
  • SNMP Packet Type Statistics
  • TCP Statistics
  • UDP Statistics
  • System Uptime

Whereas running the below gives me the below, as well as all of the above:

curl -H 'X-Auth-Token: YOURAPITOKENHERE' https://librenms.org/api/v0/devices/linuxhosts/graphs

  • IPv4 Packet Statistics
  • IPv4 Fragmentation Statistics
  • IPv6 Packet Statistics
  • IPv6 Fragmentation Statistics
  • Context Switches
  • Detailed Processor Usage
  • Interrupts
  • System I/O Activity
  • Load Averages
  • Detailed Memory Usage
  • Swap I/O Activity

The graphs not in the API for the Windows host are on the device page, so eg memory & cpu usage.