File .env not generated

Hi another maybe dumb question

Going through the install (non git based) with no errors etc i noticed the /opt/librenms/.env file was not generated and i had to create it running “php artisan key:generate” and using an example .env to create it correctly … this is a by design behaviour or did i miss a step ?



composer install generates that file. By not using git, you have a non-standard install, so you are kind of on your own.

I followed your instructions step by step

including ```
composer create-project --no-dev --keep-vcs librenms/librenms librenms dev-master

it looks i missed the .git file .. is there any mean to recreate it without reinstalling etc ?


Not really, but you could recreate it if you backup up config.php and .env (the only files that matter in the directory assuming you don’t have any data in rrd files yet)


I have valuable data there yet …

Maybe i can run the vm and see if there is such a structure in /opt/librenms … however i followed the instructions step by step i can’t understand where the file is/was …


Ok i started the vm and i understood my stupid mistake
there were huge structured i did not copy

then … in case i recreate it i would like to understand if

a: the devices added are still there (i suppose they remain in the db) ?
b: can i simply copy the rrd directories and not loose “memories” ?
or is a more involved matter ?

thank you for the support


You can copy the rrd directory.

Make sure you run ./validate.php

Hi Murrant …

after some interruptions

I did what you told me and everything went very well

huge thanks