Find wireless graphs that existed before recent Librenms update

My instances of LibreNMS updated on 05/03/2017, showing new sensors and a new wireless graph interface for certain devices. Specifically Ubiquiti radios. However, it seems with the new graphs, I’ve lost access to all the previous data, which we use extensively.

Is there a way to access the old data without downgrading LibreNMS, if that’s even possible?

You can’t access them from the webui no, you could write a page yourself that does.

The new graphs should replace the old functionality though so other than the loss in history you should still have the same info going forward.

It was not intended to remove the link to the old graphs yet.

In fact data is still being collected for them (double collected) to make sure people still have access.

I suspect I know where this issue is.

Any data you are missing with the new graphs? or just historical data?

Ok, I found two mistakes here.

Restore access to the existing graph data, fixed here:

The old polling was disabled for airos, but not some of the other OS. Note, this will poll your devices twice.
$config['os']['airos']['poller_modules']['wifi'] = 1;

As a note for others to prevent double pulling you can set that to 0 for whatever os you have.

Let me know if you have any other questons.

I was only missing historical data for the wireless graph data. The new graphs appear to be showing data properly.

I see you’ve posted a fix for this, so thank you for your help

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