Firepower Devices not detecting properly

I have some Cisco Firepower devices that are not detecting fully in LibreNMS.

Here is the output from my ./validate.php


Component Version
LibreNMS 21.6.0
DB Schema 2021_25_01_0127_create_isis_adjacencies_table (210)
PHP 7.4.3
Python 3.8.10
MySQL 10.3.29-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
RRDTool 1.7.2


[OK] Composer Version: 2.1.3
[OK] Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database schema correct

They are showing as Generic Devices with almost no information. Some are showing Adaptive Security Appliance ‘inside’ Gi1/1 as the interface names.

Is there something I need to add for these devices to detect properly in NMS?

Please let me know if you need more information.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

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