Firmware Update via SNMP

Hi Everyone! Is there a plugin, where I can click a button to “push” firmware updates?

Hi @benmcdermott4
No such thing exists.

  • First reason is that LibreNMS is ReadOnly.
  • And the 2nd is that pushing firmware updates thru SNMP is not possible. The maximum you can do is “trigger” firmware updates, and this is completely device-specific. So you would need 1 plugin per device.


So how do other NMS software vendors do it? Namely Cisco Prime

If you use Oxidized, do it through that.

@laf Thanks! Now to figure out how. (I’m pretty new to the whole SNMP thing)

If you do use oxidized then it has a cli tool: oxs, you can pass it a file which is basically the commands you want to run, i.e:

conf t
interface Gi0/1
desc Hi there.

You can then loop through all your devices to call oxs and pass that file for every Gi0/1 interface to be set with that description. Just update the content of the file to include the commands you want to run to update the firmware.

Hi @benmcdermott4

They don’t do it thru SNMP, but they indeed use snmp to call a particular OID. That triggers the update process on the switch, which will download its firmware (TFTP, SCP ,etc) and do the update. This is completely vendor specific (Cisco), there is no general mecanism to do this via SNMP.

The fact that LibreNMS is read only is a design choice so far. LibreNMS monitors, and does not operate devices. That by itself means no upgrade can be done via LibreNMS alone, whatever process would be used.
And the use of plugins is a solution that requires code. But you could develop a plugin that triggers update, let you choose graphically the firmware image, list all the images available on your TFTP and compatible with your device, you can go far as long as you can code it.


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