Fix GEO Location/Location

I have been wracking my brain over the GEO locations system in LibreNMS and I don’t think it’s working. We have two conflicting requirements.

  • SNMP Lotion is an information field designed to give accurate information on where the device is located.
  • GEO mapping is a general location to map out where a device is drawn on a world map.

So, when you set up a LibreNMS server you have to choose am I going to use Location data field for information or mapping.

If we compare this to Observium where GEO location is based on the information in the Location filed and not on a LAT/LONG mapping tool, then there you would get the best of both worlds (provide you had the Location information formatted correctly).

This is the only pace I can find that I find Observeum superior over LibreNMS

Now, I have suggestion on how to fix this, but I don’t have the skillset to implement it:

What we need isa character to separate Location and Details info (similar to what we do with port parsing).

Let say we have this location:

  • Rack 4, Room 7, Main_office, 430 Oxfordstreet, London, UK

Using a separator “>”:

  • Rack 4, Room 7, Main_office > 430 Oxfordstreet, London, UK

Now we can set it up so that GEO location and mas can only see information after “>”

  • 430 Oxfordstreet, London, UK

So multiple devices with different inhouse location share the same GEO infromation.
But details are not lost when looking up device information.

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I just submitted a solution for this that I think will work: