Force-polling port

Hi everyone,

I have a Cisco switch port configured in monitoring mode, which apparently means that it is Oper Down.
I still need to get the traffic, but LibreNMS is marking it as oper down and, therefore, not polling it.
Is there a way to force Libre to poll a specific port?


The workaround I found was to change these 2 lines in includes/polling/
Lines 260-262
$ifAliasCheck = (!strpos($port['ifAlias'],'capture port'));
if (($admin_down || $oper_down || $ll_down) && $ifAliasCheck) {

Line 779
} elseif ($port['ifType'] != 'vdsl' && $port['ifType'] != 'adsl' && $port['ifOperStatus'] == 'down' && $port['ifOperStatus_prev'] == 'down' && $this_port['ifOperStatus'] == 'down' && $this_port['ifLastChange'] == $port['ifLastChange'] && (!strpos($port['ifAlias'],'capture port')); {

That way, the ports that have “capture port” in their ifAlias will be polled no matter what.
It seems like an ugly solution, but I couldn’t find a setting for enforcing port polling.

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