Forever growing DB storage on the same amount of devices

Hi community,

I have a question related to data retention and potential issue we have with LibreNMS.

We have a standard setup, so a LibreNMS on Ubuntu with Dispatcher Service running our polling, 5000 devices and we are using mysql in RDS as our setup is in AWS. The problem being is that while being at constant ~5000 devices, the database storage seems to be always growing. It was at 180GB and is now at 310GB despite not adding extra devices and still grows. I believe it has something to do with historical data.

What could be the reason for this increase and such high volume?
What could be the solution to this problem as it moves towards higher costs on daily basis?

I have tried with following cleanup options documentation, attempted rrd purge and also checked for any queries that would cause the DB to build up on storage, but no luck thus far. Maybe you will know the answer?

Thank you in advance

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We have ~6000 devices and my MySQL is 5.2G. You could look at your table sizes and work out which ones are big then look in a couple of days to get an idea of growth, and see if any of those clean up options can be tighted up.