Hello Community
I have a LibreNMS version 24.1.0-13-g17a054884 (Database Schema: 2023_12_08_184652_mpls_addrtype_fix (276))

Yesterday I added a virtual FortiAuthenticator VM to LibreNMS, for monitoring.
However the states I’m looking at are somewhat off compared to looking directly at the FortiAuth.
LibreNMS shows that the FortiAuth is using 2GB/8GB RAM
But the FortiAuth shows that it’s using 81% RAM

I’m totally new to Libre, and very limited Linux skills, so I was hoping that someone has experienced something simular and might be able to guide me how to get the correct data represented?

I’m not sure if I have to import the FortiAuth MIBs to Libre, but in case, I’ll most likely need some guidance again.

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