FR: Pause or slow discovery during polling

Some older devices when discovery is going it makes the poller take longer than 5 minutes. An option to pause discovery when poller is active would be great, or option to slow down discovery per device (it could poll the cpu usage while it is doing discovery and dynamically change query speed to keep it under a specified percent).

Polling the CPU usage in loop during discovery would probably cause far too much overhead for a slowish device unfortunately. And would add a lot of complexity (and failures / deadlocks / timeouts) to the discovery and/or poller. Seems difficult to implement in the current code structure. But the feature request is indeed a good one for a future design.

OK so pausing it during polling or making the poller deal with slow devices by slowing down discovery or adding a value on the device profile to slow discovery down a bit would be nice. There are some simplistic solutions but having the poller pause discovery until done would be great. Luckily this doesn’t happen on most devices, but we have some slow ones that simply aren’t cooperative and since they have thousands of ports the poller and discovery take ages.

Just an idea but what about creating a second poller group and changing that poller group to poll say every 10 min instead? Add the slower devices to that poller group.